GOBA 1998 Ride Report
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During Monday's ride, Lucy, Jan, and Janine began using sidewalk chalk to write encouraging messages on the road to Alex or to Team Hot.  Over the course of the week, there were perhaps 25 messages, and it seemed that everyone except the earliest riders had heard Alex's name by the end of the tour.

The General Harrison canal boat

The General Harrison Canal Boat

After about 9 miles on Monday morning we rode into the town of Lockington., home of a well-preserved set of five old canal locks.  These locks combined to raise canal boats by 63 feet.  When viewed from a lower lock, this was an amazing engineering feat.

Several miles further down the road, we came to the Piqua Historical Area.  We decided to pay $2 each (special GOBA discount rate) to see what the area had to offer.  Seeing a sign for a canal boat landing, we parked our bikes and journeyed down the path to see what was there.  We were surprised to find the General Harrison, a beautiful old-fashioned canal boat, sitting at the dock.  Boarding the boat, we cast off and spent a very peaceful half hour gently moving down the quiet canal.  About 40 riders were aboard, including Bob ,Joan, Tom, Allan, and Jan from our group. A very strong mule, led by a young man dressed like Huck Finn, easily pulled us along..  This was probably the highlight of our trip.

After exploring the museum and old farmhouse on the premises, we climbed aboard our bikes and moved along, ending the day in Brookville, Ohio.  Two very nice families just outside of Brookville became quite popular by spraying the passing hot bicyclists with cool water from their garden hoses.

Each campground featured several vendors of bicycle -related supplies, bike repair vans, an information booth, and food sold by non-profit groups.  The riders especially appreciated the shower trucks: two large semi trailers that were divided into male and female sections.  The trucks each provided enough hot water for about 8 men and 8 women to shower at once.  They also had 6 sinks outside the truck, which could be used for brushing teeth, shaving, and other grooming needs.

Alex on canal boat

Alex on the canal boat.