HOT Hike Feb 9, 2003

Old Man's Cave

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Hikers enjoy the frozen scenery

Above, from left: Jay DeNise, Lucy Lehner, Ian Fairclough, Karen Spracklen, Janine Williams, Mike Williams, Dan Spracklen, and Sara Spracklen.

9 people cramemd into Jay's minivan.

Nine of us packed into Jay's van, so we could leave a car at each end of the trail.

Frozen falls at Old Man's Cave
Dan and Sara Spracklen cross an icy bridge.
Jay DeNise enjoys winter's splendor.
Mike and Janine Williams in Old Man's Cave
The Spracklens
Lucy and Karen pass a frozen waterfall.
Frozen falls from the base.
Cedar Falls, nicely frozen.
Lucy lehner carefully crosses a bridge.

Above: Dan and Sara Spracklen cross a pretty bridge.

Right center: Beautiful frozen falls at Old Man's Cave.

Far Right: Jay DeNise enjoys the winter beauty.

Above left: Lucy Lehner and Karen Spracklen pass a frozen falls.

Above center: The same falls, looking up from the base.

Above right: Cedar Falls, at the end of our hike.

Right: The Spracklens take a break.

Below: Mike and Janine Williams, resting in Old Man's Cave.

Lower right: Lucy Lehner crosses a bridge near Cedar Falls.